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Who We Play For is a movement to protect the hearts of our youth by providing affordable heart screenings and increasing awareness. We all have someone or something that motivates us -- it's who we play for. Who We Play For is driven by the young lives lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), and our fight to help ensure other families, teams and communities will never know that pain. WWPF brings together heart screening groups from across the country who all have their own motivation, their own story. Whether it's Rafe Maccarone in Florida, Brandon Goyne, Sarah Friend and Cody Stephens in Texas or Burke Cobb and Chad Barcia in Louisiana -- we've lost too many beautiful young people to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. All these foundations, created in memory of a lost loved one, have banded together under the WWPF umbrella in our movement to inspire and empower communities to provide every student with the opportunity to screen his or her heart. Together we have perfected the method. Together we are changing the way the country looks at sudden cardiac arrest.

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Sudden cardiac arrest is the #1 killer of student athletes.