Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions! Below are the answers to what we believe are the most common questions from note buyers, sellers, and faculty members. If your question is not answered here then please feel free to Contact Us, Don't be shy!

Buying Notes

Absolutely! Notes can be downloaded as often as you like by clicking on the Notes Purchased link in your profile menu.

Because of the nature of digital purchases we cannot issue refunds or exchanges. If there is an error in payment or in the transfer of the notes then please reach us via the contact form.

We give several tools to help you determine the overall quality of a note seller even before you purchase. - Look at the Seller's ratings. - View comments from previous buyers. - Read the Seller's profile. - View the note preview. - If still hesitant, contact the seller through the message system!

Selling Notes

NoteBooster charges a standard $1 on every note sale in order to maintain our operations. In addition to this a percentage of your sales goes to the student organization of your choice. You may set the value anywhere from 24% to 100%

Yes we can. Please notify us via the report dialog and we will do our best to resolve the issue. If a full resolution can not be determined then both notes will be taken offline. Please read our Terms and Agreement for full disclosure of how we handle these cases.

Of course! We allow note sellers complete freedom to set the price of their items.

The most common method of promoting notes is to email the students in your class. However, please be sure to consult your school's conduct guidelines first.


As long as you have legal rights over the content you are posting, we encourage everyone to post notes!

We do not condone cheating or the infringement of copyrighted material. And while note taking is a very effective reinforcement for learning, each school follows their own policy regarding the exchange of notes. Be aware of your school's policy before uploading notes to NoteBooster.

We hoped you'd ask that question. To us, 24 represents far more than just a number. It represents the millions who've struggled with mental health and suicide. It represents John Curtis and it represents Jonathan Richardson. If you're struggling and you just happen to stumble upon this FAQ, we ask you to please reach out to our friends at To Write Love on Her Arms. Remember, you are not alone and this is not the end of your story.


We currently process all our payments securely with Paypal. You can use a credit/debit card or a Paypal Account. You don't need a Paypal account to purchase notes.


We don't tolerate any copyright infringement. In accordance to our terms of use, by selling your notes on Notebooster, you agree that the material uploaded is yours, and does not violate any copyright.

We encourage students to speak with the faculty when in doubt. Although sharing your own non copyrighted notes is generally not illegal, it may be against the rules at your school.

Partnering Organizations

We provide the guidance to get you started, along with a beautiful assortment of resources. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need, therefore, you and your team can focus solely on fundraising for your cause.

Faculty & Staff

We respect the wishes of educators and content providers who do not want their notes posted. If you contact us and verify your identity then yes, we will take down notes tagged with your course ID and name.

Each school has its own policies regarding the sale of class notes. We insist that both buyers and sellers be aware of their school's rules before making use of our website.